Exercise E1: Checking Desktop Capacity Allocation

Before you assign a desktop to a user or group, it is best practice to check the desktop capacity allocation.

  1. In the navigation bar on the left, click Monitor.
  2. In the Monitor menu, click Dashboard.

2. Examine Utilization Data

  1. Scroll down to the Utilization pane, and hover over the diagram. In this example, 7% of the allocated capacity is being used. Utilization is measured as follows:
    • Horizon 7: Average CPU, memory, and storage usage from vCenter(s) hosting connected Horizon 7 pods
    • Microsoft Azure: Desktop percentage is the number of connected to allocated desktops across Azure pods. Capacity percentage is number of allocated desktops.
  2. In the bar graph, you can select and deselect metrics to hide data and enhance focus.
  1. In the navigation bar on the left, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, click Capacity.
  3. In the Capacity window, you can adjust your view by location or type.
  4. Under Status, click the pod to see a detail summary.

4. View Capacity Allocation Details

  1. Scroll down the Summary window to examine the capacity and utilization data:
    • Capacity Utilization: The number of desktops currently in use, divided by the number of desktops possible to use, tells you the capacity percentage by pod.
    • Desktop & App Utilization: The number of active sessions, divided by the number of sessions possible, provides you with a measure of user activity in terms of sessions in use, compared to maximum sessions possible.
  2. Note the amount used so that you can compare after assigning the desktop.

For information about the capacity model, see Service Description: VMware Horizon® Cloud Service on IBM Cloud.

After verifying that the Desktop Capacity Allocation is sufficient, you can proceed to the next exercise to assign a desktop and see how the capacity allocation is affected.


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