Using the NoAD Mode

VMware Dynamic Environment Manager has traditionally been configured and enabled using ADMX templates with Group Policy, and logon or logoff scripts. Version 9.1 introduced an alternative, XML-based option called NoAD Mode.

NoAD Mode simplifies administration by eliminating the need to create and manage GPOs, and can be used for on-premises, hybrid-cloud, and public-cloud deployments of VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.

When deploying VMware Dynamic Environment Manager in a hybrid-cloud or multi-site model, NoAD Mode has the added benefit of not being dependent on Domain Controllers and GPO replication. While not a requirement, NoAD Mode is an alternative that may suit the needs of your organization, especially for hybrid-cloud and public-cloud deployments.

VMware Dynamic Environment Manager seamlessly integrates with Horizon Cloud Service, and provides a consistent user experience across physical, virtual, and cloud-hosted PCs and RD Session Host servers.

For more information about the deployment process, see Deploying and Using VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. For more information about VMware Dynamic Environment Manager, see Dynamic Environment Manager: Technical Overview and Quick-Start Tutorial for Dynamic Environment Manager.


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