Exercise C3: Converting the Golden VM to an Image

When the golden image VM is ready, it is made assignable. For this exercise, you can use any VM with the Agent and bootstrap process already complete.

  1. In the Horizon Cloud Service Administration Console navigation bar on the left, select Inventory.
  2. In the Inventory menu, select Images.
  3. In the Images window, click New.

2. Provide Desktop-to-Image Details

In the New Image window under Convert Desktop to Image, provide the following information:

  • Location: Select the location to get a list of pods available to store the desktop.
  • Pod: Select the pod to serve the desktop from.
  • Desktop: From the list of desktops that can be converted to an image, select the desktop you want.

3. Provide OS Properties Details

Under OS Properties, provide the following information:

  • Image Name: Provide a unique name to the image that will be used as the operating system on your virtual desktops.
  • Company Name: Enter an identifying name, which is used as the default in desktops that are created with this image.
  • Timezone: Set the time zone, to be the default time zone for all desktops created with this image.

4. Provide Admin Credentials

  1. Under Admin credentials for the desktop, provide the account credentials for a valid administrator account in the selected image VM. Make sure to follow the complexity standards and other limitations.
    • Username: Enter the credentials for the local administrator account that is enabled in the golden image VM.
    • Password: Enter the password and confirm.
    • Note: These credentials are the user name and password that were entered in the wizard when the golden VM was created in the Imported VMs window.
  2. In the lower right corner, click Publish.

5. Wait for the Published Status

Wait until the status changes to Published to use the assignable image for creating a farm.

For more information, see VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure Administration Guide, and search the guide for Convert a Configured Master Virtual Machine to an Assignable Image.

After you finish importing and customizing a golden image VM and converting it into an assignable image, proceed to the next section to use the assignable image.

If the golden image you created has a Windows 10 OS, proceed to Assigning Resources to create VDI desktop pool.

If the golden image you created has a server OS, proceed to Deploying a Farm to create an RDSH farm.


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