About Farm Deployment

A farm is a collection of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS servers) on Microsoft Azure that host applications and desktops. Farms simplify RDS host management because you can use farms to serve multiple user subsets where the sizes of the subset vary, or the desktop or application requirements vary. Farms can provide session-based desktops and remote applications.

Ideally, you provide the resources that users need to do their jobs without delays, and at the same time, avoid the cost of unused resources that are powered on but sitting idle. Horizon Cloud Service provides power management capabilities for the Microsoft Azure servers so hosts are automatically powered hosts on and off and deallocated, as needed. The result is that farms can automatically scale out to the maximum size when necessary, and scale down to minimum size when not needed. This reduces cloud capacity costs, as well as computing costs for deallocated servers.

You set up these options in the Horizon Cloud Service farm profile when you first create the farm, and you can also modify the settings at any time afterward.

Note: For this set of exercises, you need a server image deployed.


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