About Monitoring and Analytics

After setting up Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure, you can explore the monitoring and analytics functionality.

Horizon Cloud Analytics includes dashboard, activity monitoring, and reporting features, which provide the following benefits:

  • Real-time monitoring: Provides alerts for common desktop and server issues. Real-time monitoring of desktops and application servers.
  • Contextual metrics: Generates in-depth information about user experience and resource usage. We leverage contextual metrics to give you details on user experience, and resource utilization.
  • Historical utilization: Provides ability to visualize usage with perspective on capacity, concurrency, and uniqueness. The system enables you to go back in time, to visually evaluate differences in how your resources are consumed by your deployment.
  • Endpoint landscape: Facilitates understanding access patterns by protocol, client type, and location. We also monitor how information is gathered directly from the endpoints that the users are using to access the system.

The result is that you have one place to go to get all the details you need to monitor the health and performance of your Horizon Cloud Service implementation.


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