Exercise A1: Reviewing the Workflow

Before you start, it is best practice to review the workflow and tasks involved. You can use the navigation tool on the left to jump to each section as outlined below:

  1. Verify that your environment meets the prerequisites listed in VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure Requirements Checklist.

  2. See Deploying a Horizon Cloud Service Pod
    • Prepare the Microsoft Azure for pod deployment.
    • Deploy the pod.
  3. See Creating an Image
    • Register Active Directory domain.
    • Configure a golden image.
    • Install applications in the golden image.
    • Convert the golden image into an assignable image.
  4. See Deploying a Farm
    • Create an RDSH farm to provide session desktops to assign to users.
    • Create another RDSH farm to provide remote desktops to assign to users.
    • Create a CNAME record in your DNS server.
  5. See Assigning VDI Desktops
    • Assign a dedicated desktop.
    • Assign a floating desktop.
  6. See Explore Horizon Cloud Service Monitoring and Analytics
    • Explore the reports and analytics functionality.
  7. See Explore VMware Dynamic Environment Manager
    • Explore the integration with Dynamic Environment Manager and capabilities.

After you finish reviewing the workflow, verify that your environment meets all prerequisites, and then proceed to the next exercise to configure the VNet.


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