About Setup

The prerequisite exercises help you prepare your environment for best use of Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure. The exercises are sequential and build upon one another, so make sure to complete each exercise in this section before going to the next.

In this section, you first verify that your environment meets the basic prerequisites. Next, you create a new virtual network (VNet), one of the prerequisite Microsoft Azure components.

You must provide your own Microsoft Azure IaaS capacity, and configure the Microsoft Azure prerequisites for the Horizon Cloud Service deployment. You then set up network ranges based on previously provided CIDR blocks, select Active Directory options, complete VNet bi-directional peering, DNS configuration, and so on. Subsequent sections describe how to deploy the Horizon Cloud Service pod on Microsoft Azure, and finally how to create a farm where your end users can access applications and shared desktops, and assign dedicated and floating desktops.

Note: You must verify that the subscription has the required capacity as listed in the VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure Requirements Checklist.


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