AirWatch Hands-on LabsVMworld 1957HOL-1957-03-UEM Module 2 - Mobile FlowsIntegrate Workspace ONE with VMware Identity Manager

Integrate Workspace ONE with VMware Identity Manager

VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) can be used to authenticate the information transfer when using connectors for client applications. If your environment includes VMware Identity Manager, you can create a VMware Identity Manager template to fetch user specific JSON Web Token (JWT) for connector authentication.

We have already integrated Workspace ONE and VMware Identity Manager for this lab. However, if you want to learn more about how this integration and configuration can be performed, please refer the following HOL from Workspace ONE HOL Catalog - HOL-1957-01-UEM / Module 1 - Workspace ONE Setup and Configuration. This lab will also walk through the AD integration using VMware Enterprise Systems Connector to so that we can leverage AD accounts as administrators.


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