Build Mobile Flows Connector

Mobile Flows Connectors are the components responsible for interacting with the backend business systems that you integrate with. They are responsible for data fetching and also for performing the actions as requested by the client application.

Workspace ONE offers out-of-the-box connectors targeting top use cases with the most popular business systems. All the source code for these connectors is open source, so anyone can modify the existing connectors or build their own custom connector using our API spec and sample connectors.  Custom connectors can be built in around 250 lines of code or less and are flexible to be built using your preferred programming language. Custom Connectors allow you to match the data model of your business system and to create business logic that will meet the needs of your end users.

Workspace ONE Mobile Flows Connector

Workspace ONE administrators deploy a lot of applications to their end users targeting different use cases. Sometimes it might happen that your end users don't know that they have certain applications available to download On-Demand. While other times, they are aware that a certain application is available in their Workspace ONE catalog but they don't know what it is used for.

The Workspace ONE Connector presents Mobile Flows Cards inviting users to install apps that are missing from the user's device. The Mobile Flows Client Framework is in the VMware Boxer app and is responsible for parsing the e-mail body for keyword. Once one of the keywords matches, the Workspace ONE Connector is responsible for requesting the application from the Workspace ONE Catalog via a Mobile Flows Card within that particular e-mail itself. This connector uses application keywords, device UDID and device platform to request the correct app from Workspace ONE Catalog.

Setup and Configuration Video

This video will walk you through how to setup and configure Workspace ONE Connector.

NOTE - The video contains no spoken instructions.  Please refer to the subtitles for instructions about the installation process. Do not attempt to make any of the configurations or changes shown in the demo video!  This demonstration is only to highlight the configuration and installation process for your knowledge.