AirWatch Hands-on LabsVMworld 1957HOL-1957-03-UEM Module 2 - Mobile FlowsSwitch Account Role to the Mobile Flows Organization Group

Switch Account Role to the Mobile Flows Organization Group

Before making any configurations within the Workspace ONE UEM console, you will need to change your Account Role to the Mobile Flows organization group that has been created for you as part of this lab.  This separate organization group in Workspace ONE UEM contains the various components you have been reviewing so far that have been preconfigured for you, requiring your additional console configurations to be made at this organization group to function properly once you enroll your device.

1. Switch to Your mflows Organization Group

In the Workspace ONE UEM Console,

  1. Click the User dropdown in the top-right corner.  The text will be your VLP Email Address.
  2. Click the Account Role dropdown.
  3. Click the AirWatch Administrator at [email protected] role.

2. Confirm the mflows Organization Group is Active

  1. The Organization Group tab at the top of the Workspace ONE Console should now show [email protected].
  2. Make note of your Group ID.  This Group ID is separate from your original Organization Group ID and will be used when you enroll a device in an coming exercise.