AirWatch Hands-on LabsVMworld 1957HOL-1957-03-UEM Module 2 - Mobile FlowsConfigure Connectors in Workspace ONE UEM Console

Configure Connectors in Workspace ONE UEM Console

Once we have successfully deployed the Mobile Flows Connector on a public facing URL, the next step is to add the connection information in the Workspace ONE Console. These details will be used by Mobile Flows server for Connector discovery and by the client applications to interact with the backend systems.

For this lab, Workspace ONE App Discovery Connector is already hosted for you. The following video will walk you though the process.


Configure Connector in Console

This video will walk you through how to configure Mobile Flows Connector in Workspace ONE UEM Console.

NOTE - The video contains no spoken instructions.  Please refer to the subtitles for instructions about the installation process. Do not attempt to make any of the configurations or changes shown in the demo video!  This demonstration is only to highlight the configuration and installation process for your knowledge.