Getting Insights through Reports

Report is a powerful tools in Workspace ONE Intelligence that allows IT Administrator to get easy access and visibility into devices, applications and OS update data. It's a scalable and won't  impact on the performance of the entire solution because you have a lot of data or are running too many reports daily.

All the data synced by the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector (ETL service) is available through reports, after opt-in on Intelligence, ETL service will push all the available on AirWatch database and after that just the delta, the delta is based on device samples sent to Workspace ONE UEM.

In this chapter you will learn how to create reports that can drive business decisions, help to mitigate issues and automatically share information with other departments.

1. Creating Device Report

  1. Click Reports
  2. Click Add Report

2. Selecting Report Category

When creating reports, the first step is to select from each category you want to obtain data, the columns to display and to be used as filter on the  report relays on that information.

The categories available today are:

  • Apps
  • Devices
  • OS Updates

Each category comes with a set of templates that can be customized as you create the report, you can use start from scratch using Starter/blank template.

Select Report Category

Feel free to click on each category and check the templates available to each, in this module we will create two reports, one based on Device Category and the other based on OS Updates.

  1. Click the Category dropdown
  2. Click Workspace ONE UEM
  3. Click Devices
  4. Click the Enrolled Devices template
  5. Click Next

3. Customizing Report Filter

The Enrolled Devices template creates a report with pre-defined columns and filtering only enrolled devices, right after you can see a preview of the report based on live data.

Adding Filters
  1. Enter Windows, Android and Apple Enrolled Devices for the Report Name
  2. Enter All enrolled Windows, Android and Apple devices with details as the Report Description
  3. Click + to add a new filter
  4. Enter Platform for the field
  5. Select Includes for the filter type
  6. Select WinRT, Android, and Apple for the value field

The Report Preview will show the number of Windows devices enrolled at this point.

Note: The report preview results is an example based on certain amount of data, your report results will be presented based on the current amount of devices and results will differ from that.

4. Customizing Report Columns

Edit Columns

You can easily add or remove columns from the report, to start:

  1. Scroll down until you see the option Report Preview
  2. Click Edit Columns

5. Selecting Columns

Adding Columns
  1. Select the following columns: Available Capacity, Available Physical Memory, BIOS Version and Battery Percent
  2. Click ADD

6. Changing Columns Order

Ordering Columns
  1. Select the four columns you just added, clicking on each one
  2. Click Down button four times
  3. Click Save

7. Preview with new columns and Save Report

Preview new columns
  1. New columns has been added to the report and are available on the Report Preview.
  2. Click Save

8. Report Preview

Report Overview

Click Overview if needed

A preview of the report will show up based on the conditions previous defined, this report is part of the list of reports available. The EDIT option allow you to make changes on the report

9. Downloading Report

Download Report
  1. Click Downloads
  2. Click on the Refresh Icon
  3. Validate that the status is now Completed
  4. Click Download link to download the report in CSV format

10. Adding Schedule Report

Requests for reports is something quite common in every organizations, most of the time marketing, purchased, HR and other departments request some type of report regarding their Digital Workspace to be send on weekly, monthly or sometime other time period. Workspace ONE Intelligence allow Reports to be schedule, which runs the report and send via e-mail to a list of people or distribution list defined by the IT Administrator.

Add Schedule
  1. Click Schedules
  2. Click ADD

11. Configuring Report Schedule

Schedule Report
  1. Enter Windows, Android and Apple Enrolled Devices for Schedule Name
  2. Select Monthly for Recurrence
  3. Select 1 for Day of the Month
  4. Enter 08:00 AM for Starts At
  5. Set 12/31/2019 as the End date
  6. Click SCHEDULE

12. Confirming Report Schedule

Confirming Schedule
  1. Click on Schedules
  2. Confirm that your schedule has been added based on the parameters previous defined.


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