Data Visualization through Dashboards

Dashboard is a powerfull tool in Workspace ONE Intelligence that allow IT Administrators to build a rich data visualization of the data available, most of the time reports are the primary source of data representation and provide helpfull information, however using charts or graphs to visualize large amounts of complex data is easier than over spreadsheets or reports.

Data Visualization can also:

  1. Identify areas that need attention or improvement.
  2. Clarify which factors influence employee adoption of specific applications.
  3. Help you understand how secure your environment it's based on OS Updates applied to the machine and new patches available out there.
  4. Predict hardware failures
  5. Etc..

Workspace ONE Intelligence brings out of the box on Dashboard, that includes nine Widgets and you can customize as your want.

For this chapter you will be adding a new widget based on Historical information showing enrollment over the 14 days, different from current widget on the standard dashboard that only show amount of enrollment today and total overtime.

1. Launch Intelligence Console

  1. Click HUB
  2. Click Intelligence
  3. Click Launch
  1. Click My Dashboards.
  2. Click View.

3. Add a Widget to the Dashboard

Access My Dashboard

Click Add Widget

4. Selecting Category

When adding widgets, the first step is to select from each category you want to obtain data, which can be a snapshot of most recent data or historical that you can look into the data overtime and represent that into the charts.

Each category comes with a set of templates that can be customized as you create the widget, you can use start from scratch using Starter/blank template.

Add Widget
  1. Click the Category section
  2. Click Workspace ONE UEM
  3. Click Devices
  4. Select the Total Enrollments template
  5. Select Next

5. Using Total Enrollments Template

Total Enrollments template

The default template show the amount of devices enrollment today.

Based on that template you will learn how to make changes that will show the enrollment overtime, looking at the historical data.

6. Creating Total Enrollments Over time Widget

Chart Total Enrollments Over time
  1. Scroll down until you see the option for Data Visualization
  2. Enter Total Enrollments Over time for Chart Title
  3. Click Historical
  4. Click Line for Chart Type
  5. Enter Platform for by Group
  6. Set Last 14 Days to Date Range
  7. Click Save

Note: The above chart is an chart example with certain amount of data, your chart will be presented based on the current amount of devices and results will differ from that.

7. Setting Widget location and sizing on the Dashboard


The Widget has been added to the bottom of your dashboard.

  1. You can move the widget around, clicking and holding on the Chart tile
  2. Also you resize the widget selecting the edges and dragging.


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