Retrieve Your Exchange Account Details

A temporary Exchange mailbox has been generated for you to use throughout this lab.  The account credentials are uploaded to the Content section of the Workspace ONE UEM Console.

1. Locate Your Exchange Account Details

In the Workspace ONE UEM Console,

  1. Click Content
  2. Expand Content Locker.
  3. Click List View.
  4. Find the text file named Mailbox Details for [email protected] and click the toggle button beside it to select the file.
  5. Click Download.

2. Open the Downloaded Text File

After the file downloads, click the Mailbox Details for [email protected] file from the download bar to open it.

3. Note the Email Address

You will use this Email Address and sAMAccountName in an upcoming exercise enroll your iOS Device and to send an email with VMware Boxer.  Leave this Notepad file open while you complete the lab to refer to the details when instructed.