Predicting Windows 10 Dell Battery Failures and Automate Replacement

Employees are using Windows devices that no longer last a full work day without charging. It disrupts their workday, reduces mobility, increases dissatisfaction and employees either seek remediation via helpdesk or do nothing and end up plugging their laptops at all times.

How Workspace ONE Intelligence can help:

  • Monitor Windows 10 Dell devices with poor battery health (overall remaining life of the battery) Reports or Dashboards
  • Create visualization that proactively highlight users who are experiencing poor battery life
  • As the battery life decreases, so does its maximum charge capacity
  • Create automation to tag devices with poor battery life in Workspace ONE UEM to help with reporting and assignment, create Service Now ticket with device info to order new battery and notify employees via Slack or email that a battery replacement is on its way

Key benefits: Reduce costs linked to user-generated support tickets or calls, increase employee experience and productivity. Increase lifespan of devices.

1. Creating Automation

Adding Automation

Click Add Automation

2. Select Automation Template

Creating custom automation
  1. Click on Create a custom automation
  2. Click Next

3. Defining the conditions to Trigger the automation

Setting Automantion condition
  1. Under Filter, Enter Dell Battery Replacement for Name
  2. Enter Dell Battery Health for the filter field
  3. Enter Less Than for the Condition
  4. Enter 25 for the field value

4. Adding Workspace ONE UEM Action

Add Action
  1. Scroll down until you see the section Add Action
  2. Click on + sign to expand the options
  3. Click on Workspace ONE UEM API
  4. Click on Add Tag to Device

5. Configuring Action

Config Action
  1. Enter 257 for Tag ID - that will tag the device on Workspace ONE UEM Console as Needs battery replacement
  2. Turn ON for Enable this automation after saving
  3. Click Save

6. Saving and Enabling Automation

  1. Click Save & Enable

7. Access to Automation Logs

Access Logs

The automation that will always be looking for Dell Devices that needs battery replacement has been created, the View Logs shows the logs for each time this automation is triggered. 

8. Viewing Automation Logs

View Log

For this Lab you will see the log Empty, as we enrolled a Windows VM and not a physical Windows 10 Dell device.

The above image shows you a log example of multiple actions taking on different Services.

For this example that you just created, in a real world you could also setup a Service Now integration, and create a Helpdesk ticket that includes the user and devices information, requesting to ship a new battery to the user home.


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