With so much data available to IT admins managing modern, mobile work styles and no single tool to make sense of it, IT is faced with a huge challenge to manage the digital workspace. The lack of unified visibility across devices, applications and users makes it particularly hard to make data-driven decisions. As a result, manual processes become the norm, and IT is cornered into being reactive to employee demands and external events instead of being proactive.

Deep insights empower IT admins to better plan and optimize their app and policy deployments based on network performance, resource entitlement and deployment risk. And with the ability to automate processes, IT admins can proactively increase their level of security hygiene and meet compliance requirements, while improving user experiences.

With the new rules engine at the heart of Workspace ONE Intelligence, IT admins can automate processes across their environments by defining rules that take actions based on a rich set of parameters. This allows IT to create contextual workflows that take automated remediation actions based on security threats, and meet compliance requirements through automated access control. And because Workspace ONE Intelligence provides extensibility with an API layer for third parties, IT admins can build workflows that leverage their unique environment to meet their needs.

With automation, Workspace ONE Intelligence helps IT meet compliance requirements and increase security through automated remediation.