Prepare Horizon Desktop

We will now prepare the Horizon desktop to automatically enroll to Workspace ONE.    This will include:

  • Optimizing the master image with the VMware OS Optimization Fling
  • Command line enrollment into Workspace ONE
  • Installing the Horizon Agent and setting up a manual dedicated pool

VMware OS Optimization Fling (OSOT)

We won't run the OSOT in this lab due to lab resources.

The master image used for Horizon managed by Workspace ONE needs to have the OS Optimization Fling run on it to make sure that it properly works with Workspace ONE.   This ensures the system is optimized for Horizon VDI and also optimized for Workspace ONE.  There is an VMware Horizon 7 on Workspace ONE template that must be used.

What is the OSOT

Why Optimize? Windows was designed for physical hardware, specifically desktops, and for that hardware to be accessed by just one user at a time. Windows uses many resources to present a responsive desktop, but many of its settings are unnecessary or even detrimental when applied to a virtual environment. These actions include, for example, animating windows as the user opens them. Performing this animation takes significant CPU resources, which decreases the number of desktops that you can host per VMware vSphere  server. Consequently, this nonessential function in a virtual machine (VM) environment increases the amount of system hardware that you need. Even if hardware is plentiful, Windows animations do not perform well when accessed remotely, especially when connecting over a slow WAN or Internet connection. As a result, keeping animations enabled (in addition to other features unnecessary for VMs) impairs the end-user experience. Another example of desktop optimization in a virtual machine environment is to disable Windows Update so that control of the service is isolated to administrators. Administrators can run Windows Update in batch mode for the VMs as opposed to users performing this task.

Using OSOT

Before using the OSOT, which contains recommended configurations in the built-in OSOT templates, your IT organization should investigate and evaluate the benefits of the various optimizations. There is sometimes a trade-off between productivity and optimization. Also, test before and after using the OSOT to ensure that optimizations do not interfere with other software that might be in use within your organization. Road Map for Using the OSOT

Using the OSOT involves the following steps:

  1. Analyze a master image.
  2. Verify that the list of optimizations checked in the analysis results are those that you want to apply.
  3. (Optional) Export the analysis results to an HTML file.
  4. Optimize the master image.
  5. Analyze the optimization results. (Each optimization will include the status SUCCESS or FAILED).
  6. Troubleshoot FAILED results: Click the respective FAILED links to review error code and error string information.
  7. Address the cause of the failure and optimize again.
  8. (Optional) View the optimization history.

Obtain your Group ID from the Workspace ONE UEM Console

In the Workspace ONE UEM Console,

  1. Click on your Organization Group name.
  2. Copy or write down your Group ID value. In this example, the Group ID is yourid1234.

We will need to enter it into the enrollment batch file

Connect to Win10-01a Desktop

Double-Click the Win10-01a RDP link on the Control Center desktop.  You will be automatically logged in as an Admin

Install Horizon Agent

We will now install the Horizon Agent in order to connect to this desktop via the Horizon Client

Browse to Horizon Agent Installer

  1. Open File Manager
  2. Browse to c:\tools
  3. Double Click the Horizon Agent Installer

Horizon Agent Installer

Click Next

License Agreement

Accept the License Agreement and then click Next

Protocol Configuration

Make sure IPv4 is selected, then click Next

Custom Setup

Accept the default configuration and click Next

Install the Program

Click Install to start installation of the program

Monitor Installation

Monitor the progress of the installation

Installer Completed

Click Finish

Defer Reboot

Click No to restart the system later

Edit Enrollment Batch file

We will now edit the enrollment batch file with your GroupID in order to do command line enrollment into Workspace ONE.

  1. In Windows File Explorer browse to c:\tools
  2. Select Enroll.bat
  3. Right-Click and choose Edit
  4. Turn on Word Wrap by selecting Format and then Word Wrap
  5. Replace yourgroupid with the groupid from Workspace ONE that you captured earlier
  6. Click File and then Save to save the file
  7. Click the X to close Notepad

DO NOT use yourid1234 as shown, be sure to use your own Group ID.

Open Regedit to create RunOnce Key

  1. Click the search button on the taskbar.
  2. Type Regedit in the search box.
  3. Click on Registry Editor.
  1. Select all existing text in the Regedit address bar (Note: The current key may be different than the image)
  2. Clear the address bar by deleting or backspacing over what is there
  3. Select the empty address bar
  4. Either click and drag or use the Send Text function to send the following into the address bar
  1. Once the string is in the address bar, hit enter and make sure you are in the right location

Create RunOnce String

Make sure you are in the RunOnce key before you add the value

We will now create the string to run the enrollment batch file one time when Jim logs in

  1. Right-click the whitespace and choose New
  2. Choose String Value from the list
  3. Name the string EnrolltoWSO

Enter Value to Run

Double Click the EnrolltoWSO entry

Change the Value Data to C:\tools\enroll.bat

Exit Regedit

Click the X in the top right of Regedit to close it.

Reboot Win10-01a

  1. Click the Start Button
  2. Click the Power Button
  3. Choose Restart

Create Desktop Pool

We will now create a manual pool with the Win10-01a desktop and then enroll it to Workspace ONE.

Open Chrome if it isn't already open

Click the Google Chrome shortcut on the main console desktop

Click on Horizon Admin Console

Click the Horizon folder and then the Horizon-01-NewAdminConsole link

Login to the Horizon Administrator

  1. Enter Administrator for the username
  2. Enter VMware1! for the password
  3. Click the Sign in button

Create a new Desktop Pool

  1. Click Desktops on the left pane in the Horizon Administrator
  2. Click Add to add a new desktop pool

Add a Manual Desktop Pool

  1. Select Manual desktop pool
  2. Click Next

Select from Virtual Center machines

  1. Click vCenter virtual machines
  2. Click Next

Select the local Virtual Center

  1. Select vcsa-01a.corp.local
  2. Click Next

Set Assignment Type

  1. Select Dedicated - make sure Enable automatic assignment is checked.
  2. Click Next

Name the Pool

  1. Enter Horizon_WSO as the ID
  2. Enter Horizon_WSO as the Display name
  3. Enter Horizon 7 Managed by Workspace ONE UEM in the description field
  4. Click Next

Desktop Pool Settings

Leave all default settings and click Next

Remote Display Settings

  1. Click to enable HTML Access
  2. Click Next

Choose Virtual Machine

  1. Select the Win10-01a machine
  2. Click Next

Advanced Storage Options

Click Next on the Advanced Storage Options page

Finish and Entitle users

  1. Check the box to Entitle users after this wizard finishes
  2. Click Submit

Add new Entitlements

Click Add to add new Entitlements

Search for User

  1. Type Jim in the Name/User name search field
  2. Click Find
  3. Check the box to select all results (Because of the limited screen space in the lab, you may not be able to see the Jim user)
  4. Click OK

Add the Entitlement

Click OK to save the entitlement.  You have created and entitled a desktop pool to be managed by Workspace ONE UEM.

Review the newly created Desktop Pool

Click the link for the Horizon_WSO pool

Wait for the Horizon Agent to become available

  1. Click the Machines tab
  2. Click the refresh button until the agent status shows as Available
  3. One the agent status is Available, you can close the Horizon Administrator

The agent may take a few minutes to become available


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