Configure User Environment Manager Settings

When connecting from thin clients on the Hospital floor, security wants to further lock down the devices.   Since they are left in the room when nurses or staff are not there, they want to turn off USB redirection and clipboard redirection.  They will accomplish this with User Environment Manger Horizon Smart Polices.  To learn more about Smart Policies, go here.

Open UEM Management Console

Click the UEM Management Console from the Main Console Desktop

Create new Horizon Smart Policy

  1. Click on the User Environment tab
  2. Click on Horizon Smart Policies
  3. Click the Create button

Configure Smart Policy

  1. Enter HOL Healthcare - Thin Clients as the name
  2. Enter HOL Healthcare - Thin Clients as the label
  3. Enter Thin Clients as the tag
  4. Check the box next to Drag and drop and select Allow All
  5. Check the box next to Clipboard and choose Disable
  6. Check the box next to USB and choose Disable
  7. Click the Conditions tab

Don't click save yet - we need to set a condition of who to apply the Smart Policy to first

Set Condition

  1. Click Add
  2. Select Group Membership from the dropdown
  3. Select User
  4. Click Browse
  5. Type in HOL Healthcare
  6. Click Check Names
  7. Verify the group is set to CORP\HOL Healthcare
  8. Click OK

Review Conditions

  1. Verify the condition is set to apply to a user that is a member of the group CORP\HOL Healthcare
  2. Click Save

Review Horizon Smart Policy

Verify that the HOL Healthcare - Thin Clients Horizon Smart Policy was created

Close UEM Management Console

Close the UEM Management Console by clicking the X at the top right


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