Connect to Horizon Desktop and Enroll to Workspace ONE

We will now connect into the new Horizon pool and enroll it to Workspace ONE

Launch Horizon HTML Access

  1. Click on the VMware Horizon link
  2. Click on VMware Horizon HTML Access

Login as Jim

  1. Enter Jim as the username
  2. Enter VMware1! as the password
  3. Click Login

Launch the Horizon_WSO Pool

Click on the Horizon_WSO pool

Accept Certificate for Blast HTML Access

We get this error because we just installed the agent since we use this VM for other modules in this lab.  Here is the KB on how to remove this message for production installations.

  1. Click on Advanced
  2. Click Proceed to win10-01a.corp.local (unsafe)

Copy / Paste Message

Click OK on this box if it pops up

Monitor Login Process

It may take a few minutes to log in.  This is the first time Jim has logged into this box.

Monitor Enrollment

You will see an AirWatch Enrollment shortcut on the desktop, briefly.  This is during the process of Enrolling to Workspace ONE UEM.

View Hub Status

  1. Click on the up arrow to expand the notification area
  2. Right-click the Workspace ONE Hub icon
  3. Select Troubleshoot
  4. Select Hub Status
  5. Review the enrollment details in the page that is loaded.  

Log out of Desktop

  1. Right-click the start button
  2. Choose Shut down or sign out
  3. Choose Sign out

Open Workspace ONE UEM

Open the Workspace ONE UEM console if open, otherwise referece this:  Open Workspace ONE UEM Console

  1. Select Devices
  2. Select List View
  3. You will see Jim's device listed - click on the link to see more details on the device.

Review Details

Review details on Jim's device in Workspace ONE UEM - we have successfully enrolled a Horizon Desktop, next we will push a profile down to it.  


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