Publish Remote Desktop Services

We know that Jim has aging equipment and challenges working from different devices.  We can publish a desktop for the A&E Radiology department that will allow the user through single-user desktop access to a single end-user connection at a time. In contrast, with session-based desktops, one RDSH server can accommodate many concurrent user connections.

In the first part "Publish the Virtual Desktop"  we explored a Single-User desktop and the option available creating various types of pools for Windows-based single-user desktops.

The published desktop through RDS (Remote Desktop Service) will be covered in this module and will be a multi-user, multi-session desktop approach.

Login to Chrome

  1. Click Chrome


  1. Click the Horizon Bookmark in Chrome
  2. Click the Horizon-01-NewAdminConsole

Sign In

  1. Username: administrator
  2. Password: VMware1!
  3. Click Remember user name
  4. Click Sign in

Horizon Console

  1. Click Desktops in the Inventory Section

Desktop Pools

  1. Click Add


  1. Click and select the RDS Desktop Pool
  2. Click Next

Desktop Pool Identification

  1. Type into ID: RDSPool01
  2. Type into Display Name:  RDS 2012 Pool A&E
  3. Type into Description: Type a meaningful description for the RDS desktops.
  4. Click Next

Desktop Pool Setting

We can enable the pool or just create a pool to be enabled at a later stage as we require more or different resources. The Pool can also be published into a category folder and restricted to a specific connection server. Think about the user in Europe HOL Healthcare that needs to be part of the France Connection servers and not the Spain Connection Servers. This is an example but the use case for Connection server restrictions go far beyond this. The same can be applied to the type of client connections.

  1. Click Next

Select RDS Farm

To save time and resources we will re-use and existing Application farm to serve as a desktop farm.

  1. Click Select an RDS farm for this desktop pool
  2. Select RDSH-01
  3. Click Next

Ready to Complete

Review all your setting and input and when you are happy with the selection, go ahead and start with the entitlement process.

  1. Click Entitle users after this wizard finishes
  2. Click Submit

Add Entitlements

  1. Click Add

Find User or Group

  1. Name/User name: Type HOL
  2. Click Find
  3. Click and select HOL Healthcare
  4. Click OK

Confirm Entitlement

  1. Click OK

RDS Pool Complete

This completes the desktop publishing and also the user entitlement. Please delete the pool once done browsing to avoid running out of resources.

  1. Click and select the RDSPool01
  2. Click Delete Desktop Pool

Delete Desktop Pool

  1. Click OK

Successfully removed

That concluded this module, thank you.


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