Introduction - Published Application Use Case

Welcome to HOL Healthcare, a medical provider who specializes in A&E medical centres worldwide. Jim works in the A&E department as a Radiologist. He requires access to the hospital applications as an employee to do timekeeping, book personal time off, access internal shared drives and all the usual employee activities.  Jim has a workstation at the Radiology department located 6 doors down from the A&E department. He also has a laptop for internal applications such as email etc. All the legacy applications for Radiology are accessed via the Workstation, while the more modern applications are accessed locally on his company laptop. Jim's daily challenge is, that he needs to access applications in two different locations on two different devices with multiple logins. This inhibits the efficient transfer and sharing of information back to the A&E department.  

Accessing all hospital applications through a single device is not possible due to incompatibility between application security, hardware, and operating systems. Sharing the X-Ray information with the consultant in A&E is also not possible unless the X-Ray is rendered via print or accessed via a central Workstation at the overcrowded Nurses station.

The HOL Director decided to issue the entire department with brand new Apple iPads. The drawback is that there are only enough iPads for a single shift. The second challenge is most of the current applications cannot be used accessed on an Apple Device.



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