Overview of Horizon Desktops on Workspace ONE

As more companies embrace modern management for mobile device, MacOS and Windows devices, management of virtualized environments is a logical extension for systems management.  Recently, Workspace ONE UEM was certified as a management platform for managing Horizon virtual desktops to offer administrators a single management solution for mobile, physical and virtual platforms of all kinds.  With Workspace ONE UEM, an administrator can manage Horizon virtual desktops as well as the endpoints used to access those VMs in one console.

By managing Horizon virtual desktops in Workspace ONE UEM, administrators can have a single software library, consistent policies, consolidated and flexible Windows update settings and a unified reporting and automation solution delivered across physical and virtual systems. 

While managing physical and virtual in one console provides simplicity to the administrator, considerations must be given to the Windows configurations that will be deployed.  Key considerations around VDI management include ensuring required services are running, other services are prevented from starting and tools such as the OS Optimization Tool is using appropriate settings for a VM.

This lab will walk through the basics of gold image creation, the enrollment process for VMs in Workspace ONE UEM and the basics of policy management and app distribution. Additional details on managing Windows through Workspace ONE UEM can be found in the following labs:

  • HOL-2051-09-UEM - Getting Started with Workspace ONE UEM
  • HOL-2051-10-UEM - Advanced Topics with Workspace ONE UEM
  • HOL-2051-11-UEM - Desktop Management with Workspace ONE UEM

Management of Horizon Desktops on Workspace ONE UEM is only supported in the following scenario

  • Persistent Desktop
  • Dedicated Assignment

The solution is currently supported on Horizon 7.8 and Workspace ONE UEM 1903

See more on compatability here


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