Published Application through Workspace One

Workspace One

Workspace One replication has already been setup within the Lab and replicates on a schedule. We will manually replicate the newly created applications and make sure this can be consumed by any device through Workspace One.

Within Google Chrome Browser

  1. Open a new Tab

WS1 login

  1. Click WS1 in the Chrome bookmarks bar
  2. Click VIDM-01 Admin
  3. Click Next

WS1 - Admin

  1. Username: administrator
  2. Password: VMware1!
  3. Click Sign in

Virtual Apps

  1. Click Catalog
  2. Click Virtual Apps

If you cannot see the X-Ray Viewer the follow the next steps

  1. Click Virtual App Configuration

Catalog - Sync

  1. Click Sync inline with the Horizon01 Name

Calculating Sync

This should be quick, wait 10-15 seconds

Calculating Sync Actions

  1. Click Save

Successfully Started Sync

You should see a message saying the sync process has started.


On the Corp Administrator area

  1. Click the down arrow
  2. Click Logout

Sign In as Jim to Test

  1. Click Sign in


If you have a message that has access denied, change the URL by adding a 0 after /auth. Then try to login again.

Workspace One Sign In

  1. Username: Jim
  2. Password: VMware1!
  3. Click Sign in

Workspace One Portal

Jim successfully received access to X-Ray Viewer through Workspace One as assigned through Horizon 7.

  1. Click on the X-Ray Viewer


The user can choose to Bookmark or Launch the applications.

  1. Click Launch to test the application

Log out

The application is once again delivered successfully through a portal called Workspace One that has the ability to deliver the application to any endpoint. Once you are done looking around please log out.

  1. Click Log out


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