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Securely Deliver Published Apps to Any Device, Anywhere with VMware Horizon Apps


VMware Horizon Apps provides an ideal solution for users that require access to their published applications from a single digital workspace, through single sign-on from any device or OS with authenticated or Unauthenticated access. Agile delivery of Applications without the constraints of a full virtual desktop and a broad choice of endpoints with session-based persistence becomes the foundation for your Just-In-Time application streaming.

Horizon Apps leverages Microsoft RDSH servers to deliver published applications that are centrally managed and secured. Critical Horizon 7 features and components, such as the Blast Extreme display protocol, instant-clone provisioning, VMware App Volumes application delivery, and VMware User Environment Manager, are integrated with published applications and desktops to provide a seamless user experience and an easy-to-manage, scalable solution.


Stream Published applications to modern endpoints removing the need for Operating system dependencies at the endpoint while ensuring the organization could reduce hardware, software, and operating costs through simplified installation, upgrades, troubleshooting and a single management point whether on-premise or cloud-based.


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