Create Per-App VPN Profile

For iOS 7 and higher devices and Android Enterprise devices, you can force selected applications to connect through your corporate VPN. Your VPN provider must support this feature, and you must publish the apps as managed applications.

1. Create an iOS VPN Profile

In this step you will configure the iOS profile that will be delivered to the device to configure the VMware Tunnel Client on the device to allow only designated applications to access content on internal servers.

1.1. Add a New Profile

Add a New Profile
  1. Click Add
  2. Click Profile

1.2. Select the OS the profile will be used for.

Click Apple iOS

1.3. Configure the General Properties of the Profile

  1. Enter Per-App VPN as the Name.
  2. Select All Devices ([email protected]) as the Assigned Smart Group.

1.4. Add a VPN Payload

  1. Click VPN from the Payload menu.
  2. Click CONFIGURE to access the VPN payload settings.

1.5. Configure the VPN Payload

  1. Select VMware Tunnel from the Connection Type dropdown.
  2. Check the Enable VMware Tunnel box.
  3. Click SAVE & PUBLISH

1.6. Publish the VPN  Profile