Testing Per App VPN

Now that the device is enrolled and has received the settings we configured in the Workspace ONE UEM Console, we are ready to begin testing the Per-App VPN functionality.

1. Testing Per App VPN on iOS

The applications assigned in the previous steps should push down during enrollment. The VMware Tunnel and Workspace ONE Web applications should be installed on your device.

2. Launch the Workspace ONE Web

Launch the VMware Browser

Press the Home button on the iPad to return to the Launchpad. Swipe right to see the downloaded applications if needed.

Tap the Workspace ONE Web icon to launch the application. If prompted, select OK to allow the Web to send your device push notifications.

2.1. Accept the Privacy Prompt

Tap I understand to accept the Privacy prompt.

2.2. Agree to the Data Sharing Prompt

Tap I agree to accept the Data Sharing Prompt

3. Access the Internal Website with Workspace ONE Web

Access the Internal Website with VMware Browser.
  1. The application will launch and you will see the VPN icon appear indicating the connection is active. The application will now connect to Workspace ONE UEM and retrieve the settings for your Sandbox Organization Group. These settings include a default homepage that has been pre-configured for this lab. This website is available on an internal web server but not accessible from the public internet.
  2. The website will load and you'll see the Welcome message.

4. Attempt to Access the Website From Safari

We will now show that although the VPN connection is active, other applications on the device will not be able to access the Tunnel or the internal resources.

4.1. Select the URL from the Workspace ONE Web

Select the URL from the VMware Browser
  1. Press & hold the Navigation Bar in Workspace ONE Web.
  2. Choose Select All to highlight the URL for the internal site.

4.2. Copy the URL from the Workspace ONE Web

Copy the URL from the VMware Browser

Select Copy.

4.3. Open Safari

Open Safari

Return to the launchpad by pressing the Home button on the iPad. Open Safari by selecting the icon form the Launcher.

4.4. Paste the URL Into the Safari Browser

Paste the URL Into the Safari Browser
  1. Open a new tab by selecting the + sign on the navigation bar.
  2. Select the entry box on the navigation bar.
  3. Press & hold for a count of two then release on the entry box and select Paste.
  4. Select Go on the keyboard.

Notice that the website does not load in the Safari browser due to DNS failure. The website is published to an internal DNS that can only be accessed when the VPN connection is being used. Although the VPN connection may remain active (look for the VPN icon in the status bar), Safari is not designated as an application that is allowed to use the Per-App VPN Tunnel. You may have multiple VPN configurations and multiple apps assigned for each VPN. Most Public applications (apps using Cocoa framework) are compatible with per-app VPN on iOS.


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