Configure Workspace ONE Boxer

In this chapter, you will configure and deploy the Workspace ONE Boxer client to the device.

1. Add the Workspace ONE Boxer Client as an iOS Public Application

We can leverage Workspace ONE UEM to deploy and automatically configure the Workspace ONE email client on the device through Workspace ONE UEM. This step will walk you through the process of adding an application from the iOS Public App store.

1.1. Add a New Public Application

Add a New Public Application
  1. Click Add
  2. Click Public Application

1.2. Search for the Application to Add

  1. Select Apple iOS from the Platform dropdown.
  2. Enter Workspace ONE Boxer in the Name field.
  3. Click Next.

1.3. Select the Application from the Search Results

Select the Application from the Search Results

Click Select on the Workspace ONE Boxer application.

1.4. Save and Assign Workspace ONE Boxer


1.5. Add Assignment for Workspace ONE Boxer


1.6. Configure Workspace ONE Boxer Assignment Settings

  1. Click in the Selected Assignment Groups field. This will pop-up the list of created Assignment Groups. Start Typing All Devices and select the All Devices ([email protected]) Group.
  2. Select Auto for the App Delivery Method.

1.7. Configure Workspace ONE Boxer Email Settings

  1. Find the Email Settings section, you may need to scroll down.
  2. Enter HOL Email for the Account Name.  This is a friendly name used to identity this email account configuration.
  3. Enter for the Exchange ActiveSync Host.
  4. Enter hol for the Domain.
  5. Enter the lookup value {UserPrincipalName} for the User.
  6. Enter the lookup value {EmailAddress} for the Email Address.

1.8. Configure the Passcode Settings

  1. Scroll down to find the More Email Settings section.
  2. Click More Email Settings to expand the section.
  3. Select Numeric for the Type under the Passcode section.
  4. Enter 4 for the Minimum Length. This will require that we setup a 4 digit PIN to access the Boxer app on our device.

1.9. Configure the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Settings

  1. Scroll down to find the Data Loss Prevention section.
  2. Set Copy Paste to RESTRICTED: This restricts Copy/Paste to other applications.  This setting allows copy/paste to Personal Accounts if Unrestricted.
  3. Set Hyperlinks to RESTRICTED: Sets all URL’s to open in Workspace ONE Web.
  4. Set Sharing to WHITELIST:  
    Preview Only - allows viewing of files in Boxer only;
    Whitelist - select specific applications that can open files from Boxer;
    Unrestricted - attachments can be opened in all applications from Boxer.  
    By default, when you select Whitelist, a default set of whitelisted applications are configured automatically. We are mostly concerned with whitelisting to allow Content Locker to be able to open attachments from Workspace ONE Boxer.
  5. Enter for Whitelisted Applications, if not whitelisted already.  This allows Workspace ONE Boxer to open files and attachments in the Content Locker app.
  6. Set Caller ID to RESTRICTED:   Allows your saved Outlook contacts to be exported to the device so when a saved contact calls you, their name displays on your device. Only Name and phone number are exported to the local contacts.

1.10. Configure Personal and Work Separation Settings

  1. Scroll down to find the Personal and Work Separation section.
  2. Set Personal Accounts to RESTRICTED.  This prevent personal accounts from being added to the Boxer app and deletes any personal data already entered in the app.
  3. Set Personal Contacts to RESTRICTED.  This prevent personal contacts from being added to the Boxer app and deletes any personal data already entered in the app.

1.11. Configure Policies for Workspace ONE Boxer

  1. Scroll down to find the Policies section.
  2. Select ENABLED for Device must be MDM Managed to install this App
  3. Select ENABLED for Remove on Unenroll
  4. Select ENABLED for Prevent Application Backup
  5. Click ADD

1.12. Confirm Assignment and Save

  1. Confirm that the Assignment you just configured is displayed.
  2. Click SAVE & PUBLISH

1.13. Preview Assigned Devices and Publish



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