Login to the SaaS Workspace ONE Access Console

A temporary Workspace ONE Access tenant has been generated for you to use throughout this lab.  The Workspace ONE Access tenant URL and login details were uploaded to the Content section in the Workspace ONE UEM Console at the start of the lab.

1. Accessing Your Tenant Details in the Workspace ONE UEM Console

In the Workspace ONE UEM Console:

  1. Click Content.
  2. Expand Content Locker.
  3. Click List View.
  4. Find the text file named vIDM Tenant Details for [email protected] and click the checkbox beside it to select the file.
  5. Click Download.

1.1. Open the Downloaded Text File

After the file downloads, click the vIDM Tenant Details for [email protected] file from the download bar to open it.

1.2. Copy the Tenant URL

  1. Select the Tenant URL text and right-click
  2. Click Copy

You will navigate to this Tenant URL in the next step to login to your Workspace ONE Access tenant.

NOTE: Your tenant name will match your Group ID in the Workspace ONE UEM Console.

2. Login to Your Workspace ONE Access Tenant

If Google Chrome is not already open, launch Google Chrome by double-clicking the icon from the desktop.

NOTE: If Google Chrome is already open, skip this step.

2.1. Open a New Browser Tab

Click the Tab space to open a new tab.

  1. Right-click inside the address bar in the new tab
  2. Click Paste and go

NOTE: This is the Tenant URL you received from the previous steps. If you did not copy or note this information from the previous step, return to those previous steps and note your Tenant URL.

2.3. Login to Your Workspace ONE Access Tenant

  1. Enter Administrator for the Username
  2. Enter VMware1! for the Password
  3. Click Sign In.

You will see the User Portal as pictured above.  You will need to navigate to the Administrator Console.

  1. Click the User dropdown in the top-right corner
  2. Click Administration Console

This will open the Administration Console in a separate tab in your browser.

NOTE: If you do not see the above view, you are already in the Administration Console and can skip this step.


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