Sync Directory Users to Workspace ONE Access

This section will review how to add a new Directory in Workspace ONE Access and then sync users from our Active Directory into our Workspace ONE Access tenant.

1. Add an Active Directory over LDAP

In the Workspace ONE Access Administrator Console,

  1. Click Identity & Access Management
  2. Click Directories
  3. Click Add Directory
  4. Click Add Active Directory over LDAP/IWA

1.1. Configure the Directory Details

  1. Enter corp.local for the Directory Name
  2. Select Active Directory over Integrated Windows Authentication

1.2. Configure the Directory Sync and Authentication Settings

  1. Scroll down to find the Directory Sync and Authentication section
  2. Select the conn-01a.corp.local connector as the Sync Connector
  3. Select Yes to allow this Connector to perform authentication
  4. Select sAMAccountName for the Directory Search Attribute

1.3. Configure the Bind User Details

  1. Scroll down to find the Bind User Details section
  2. Enter [email protected] for the Bind User Name
  3. Enter VMware1! as the Bind DN Password
  4. Click Save & Next

NOTE: The next step may take a few minutes to load, please be patient while the directory information is queried.

1.4. Select the Domains

  1. Ensure the corp.local domain is selected
  2. Click Next

1.5. Review the User Attribute Mappings

Review the User Attribute Mappings as desired. You will not need to make any changes to the default mappings for this module. 

Click Next.

1.6. Find Groups to Sync

  1. Click the Green Plus (+) button to add a new Group DN
  2. Enter dc=corp,dc=local for the group DN
  3. Click Find Groups

1.7. Select the Groups to Sync

  1. Check the Select All box
  2. Click Next

1.8. Select the Users to Sync

  1. Click the Green Plus (+) button to add a new User DN
  2. Enter cn=users,dc=corp,dc=local for the user DN
  3. Click Next

1.9. Review and Initiate Sync

Once the Review page loads and shows the number of Users and Groups being added, click Sync Directory.

1.10. Confirm Sync Started and Refresh to Check Status

  1. Click the X to close the message confirming that the sync has started
  2. Click Refresh Page to see if the sync has completed.

NOTE: The sync may take a minute or two to complete.  Keep clicking the Refresh Page link every 10-15 seconds until the sync shows as completed with a green checkbox as shown in the next step.

1.11. Confirm the Sync Completes Successfully

Confirm that the corp.local directory shows synced groups, synced users, and that the Refresh Page notification is gone and replaced by a green checkbox to indicate the sync has completed.

Continue to the next step.

2. Confirm the Synced Users Exist

  1. Click Users & Groups
  2. Confirm the corp.local users have synced and are displayed here

This confirms that you have successfully added a directory to your Workspace ONE Access tenant and were able to use your previously installed Connector to sync Active Directory users to the directory.


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