You have completed the Setup Single Sign-On for Workspace ONE module! In this module, you learned:

  • How to setup, download, and install the AirWatch Cloud Connector to allow secure access to your internal corporate resources, such as Active Directory.
  • How to configure Directory Services in Workspace ONE UEM to connect to an Active Directory server.
  • How to create User Groups in Workspace ONE UEM to import and sync your users from Active Directory.
  • How to integrate your Workspace ONE Access tenant with your Workspace ONE UEM tenant.
  • How to establish trust between your Workspace ONE Access tenant and your Workspace ONE UEM tenant by utilizing the Cloud Kerberos Key Distribution Center certificates.
  • How to setup an iOS Profile in Workspace ONE UEM to send the KDC Root Certificate, SCEP settings, and Single Sign-On settings to allow specific apps and URLs to perform this Single Sign-On action by leveraging the certificates and Kerberos authentication details sent to the device.
  • How to access the Workspace ONE catalog and confirm that Single Sign-On is configured and working.

Workspace ONE enables your users to access their applications from at any time, any where, and from any device.  Eliminate the complexities your end users experience with entering their credentials to access these key applications to keep them enabled, productive, and secure no matter where they work.


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