Setup a Weblink Application and Entitle Users

You can deploy applications to your Workspace ONE catalog in several ways, including:

  1. Deploying apps directly from Workspace ONE Access
  2. Integrating Workspace ONE UEM with Workspace ONE Access and deploying apps with Workspace ONE UEM
  3. Integrating Horizon with Workspace ONE Access and deploying apps and virtual desktops with Horizon

In the interest of time and complexity, you will be you deploying a simple weblink application in Workspace ONE Access and entitling users to have access to the  application when they access their app catalog.

You can also configure specific Access Policies to apply to your applications.  This grants you flexibility when determining the types of authentication required to both access the Workspace ONE catalog and to specific apps.  For example, you may require your users to provide their active directory credentials to access the Workspace ONE catalog, but also require a certificate to access a specific application.  If your user provides their active directory credentials but does not have the certificate, they could still login to the Workspace ONE catalog but would fail the authentication requirement for the app and would be unable to access it.

This section will review how to create a Weblink Application and how to entitle your synced users to access the application.  

In the Workspace ONE Access Administrator Console,

  1. Click Catalog
  2. Click New
  1. Enter TechZone for the Name
  2. Enter VMware Digital Workspace TechZone for the Description
  3. Click Select File... for the Icon

1.1.1. Choose the TechZone.png File

  1. Click Documents
  2. Click HOL
  3. Click Workspace ONE Access
  4. Click techzone.png
  5. Click Open

1.1.2. Complete Application Definition

Click Next.

  1. Select Web Application Link as the Authentication Type
  2. Enter for the Target URL
  3. Click Next

1.3. Save and Assign

Review the configuration as desired and then click Save & Assign.

1.3.1. Entitle Users to the Application

If you want to assign your application to all users, there is a default ALL USERS group that you can assign.  You can also assign apps to groups or specific users.

For this exercise, you will assign the application to two specific users.

  1. Enter aduser in the Users / User Groups search bar
  2. Click the [email protected]orp.local result
  3. Enter holuser in the Users / User Groups search bar
  4. Click the [email protected] result

1.3.2. Set the Deployment Type to Automatic

  1. Select Automatic for the Deployment Type for aduser
  2. Select Automatic for the Deployment Type for holuser
  3. Click Save

Selecting Automatic will place the application in user's bookmarks automatically and begin downloading the application (if needed).  Selecting User-Activated will make the app available to the user in the catalog and they will need to bookmark and download (if needed) the app manually.

  1. Click Options
  2. Click New incognito window
  3. Enter https://{yourtenant} to navigate back to the login screen of your Workspace ONE Access tenant
    NOTE: Replace {yourtenant} with your tenant name!

2.1. Login as aduser

  1. Enter aduser for the username
  2. Click Next

2.2. Enter the Domain User's Password

  1. Enter VMware1! for the password
  2. Click Sign in
  1. Click Apps
  2. Click the TechZone app to open the TechZone webpage
  1. Confirm that a new tab opens the TechZone page for

This confirms that you were able to successfully create the Weblink Application, entitle it to your desired users, and successfully launch the application for an entitled user.

2.5. Close the Incognito Session

Click the Close button in the top-right corner of the Incognito session to return to the Workspace ONE Access Administration Console.


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