You have completed the Getting Started with Workspace ONE Access module!  In this module, you learned:

  • How to create, install, and configure the VMware Identity Manager Connector for Windows.
  • How to add and sync directories to Workspace ONE Access by using the Connector.
  • How to configure the Connector to allow for Password (Cloud Deployment) authentication with active directory credentials, Kerberos authentication and RADIUS passcode authetnication.
  • How to configure Access Policies to allow access with specific authentication methods based on network range, device type, and user groups.
  • How to configure Access Policies for primary authentication methods, fallback authentication methods, and multiple authentication methods.
  • How to create a web link application in Workspace ONE Access and entitle it to users and groups.

This first look into Workspace ONE Access showcases the flexibility and customization you have for creating access policies based on the needs of your enterprise.  Your Identity Providers and Access Policies can be setup to allow your users to authenticate in ways they are familiar with, without needing to spend time re-building these authentication policies from the ground up.

Be sure to check out the additional Workspace ONE Access labs for additional learning.