Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is a Windows Server component that provides single sign-on access to applications and systems for users using claims-based authentication.  You can configure Workspace ONE Access to use Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) as the third-party identity provider for authentication.  In this module, you will learn how to install and configure AD FS and how to add AD FS as a 3rd party IdP in Workspace ONE Access.

1. Prerequisites

  • Workspace ONE Access Tenant: SaaS or On-Premise instance of Workspace ONE Access that you have administrator access to.  For this module, use the Workspace ONE Access tenant that is provided to you (details to access are contained in later steps).
  • Synced Domain: Utilize the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector to sync a domain and at least a single domain user to login with.
  • Install AD FS: Install AD FS on a server you have access to.  This will require administrator access.

For this exercise, all of the prerequisites will be available for you.


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