You have completed the Third Party Identity Provider Integration with AD FS module! In this module, you learned:

  • How to establish trust between a Third Party identity provider and Workspace ONE Access by using Identity Provider and Service Provider metadata.
  • How to create, install, and configure the VMware Identity Manager Connector for Windows.
  • How to add and sync directories to Workspace ONE Access by using the Connector.
  • How to create a Third Party Identity Provider in Workspace ONE Access.
  • How to configure Access Policies in Workspace ONE Access to authenticate users with a Third Party Identity Provider.
  • How to configure a Relying Party Trust in AD FS to successfully authenticate a domain users with Kerberos authentication and Windows authentication.

Workspace ONE Access can leverage AD FS as a third party identity provider to securely authenticate users via a claims-based access control authorization model.  Consider how leveraging your existing AD FS deployment with Workspace ONE Access can be used to provide single-sign on access to systems and applications across your organization without re-creating your established authentication policies.

Additional AD FS documentation can be found through Microsoft’s documentation.


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