Validate Access to Internal Files with Content Locker App

Once enrollment is complete, ensure that the Content Locker application is installed on your device. If not, open the App Catalog to Install the application on your device.

1. Launch Content Locker App

Launch & Enable the AirWatch Tunnel Client

Press the Home button on the iPad to return to the Launchpad. Swipe right if needed to see the downloaded applications. Select the Content Locker to open it.

Note: If the Tunnel application is missing from your device, open the Catalog and try to install it from there by selecting Install. If this still fails to install on your device, alert a lab proctor. Once you've selected Install in the Catalog return to the launchpad by selecting the home button.

1.1. Accept Push Notifications for Content Locker (IF NEEDED)

If prompted to allow push notifications, tap Allow.

1.2. Accept Privacy Policy

Tap I Understand for the Privacy Policy.

1.3. Accept Data Sharing Policy

Tap I Agree to the Data Sharing policy.

1.4. Dismiss Content Locker Guide

Tap Dismiss.

2. Selecting Corporate Repository

Open Corp Files
  1. Go to Repositories.
  2. Click on Corp Files.

2.1. Providing User Credentials

Provide user credentials
  1. Enter CORP\jdoe for the User ID
  2. Enter VMware1! for the Password
  3. Tap Login

3. Navigating through Corporate Folders

Launch the AirWatch Browser

Tap the IT folder to view the contents of the folder.

4. Opening a file under IT Folder

File under IT Folder

Open the VMware Windows Desktop Platform Guide PDF.

5. Validating Printing permission for IT content

  1. Click on Share icon, the Print option is available based on the security properties previous defined for the IT folder
  2. Click < to return

6. Opening a file under Finance Folder

File under Finance Folder

Under Corp Files > Finance folder> open the file VMware IT Annual Performance Report 2017.

The file will be downloaded to your device and then open.

7. Validating Printing permission for Finance content

Finance File
  1. Click on Share icon, the Print option is not available for this file.
  2. Click on < to return


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