Validating Tunnel Settings on Unified Access Gateway Appliance

The VMware Tunnel is already enable and running based on the INI settings that you provide during the Unified Access Gateway deployment.

You could chose not to enable the VMware Tunnel via PowerShell, instead you could use the Unified Access Gateway administration console to add all the configuration.

In this section you will learn how to access the VMware Tunnel Settings through Unified Access Gateway administration console, which allows you to enable or change the current VMware Tunnel Settings.

1. Login to the Unified Access Gateway administration console

UAG Admin UI Login
  1. Click the New Tab button to open a new tab
  2. Browse to or click on the UAG Internal Admin Console bookmark
  3. Enter admin for the username
  4. Enter VMware1! for the password (created for the Admin API in Deploy OVF Wizard)
  5. Click Login

2. Validate Configuration Settings

Select Configuration Settings

A successful login will redirect you to the following screen, as you will return to the administration console later leave the window open.

Click Select under Configure Manually.

3. Access the VMWare Tunnel Settings

General Settings
  1. Click SHOW for the Edge Service Settings, after you click it will switch to HIDE.
  2. Check that the VMware Tunnel Settings shows a GREEN light, which means the Unified Access Gateway Appliance and Workspace ONE UEM are able to communicate.

    NOTE: If it is not green, it takes a few minutes for the Unified Access Gateway appliance to retrieve the settings from Workspace ONE UEM and start the VMware Tunnel service.  Wait several minutes and click the Refresh button again to see if it turns green before continuing.

  3. Click the Gear (edit) next to VMware Tunnel Settings to show the VMware Tunnel configuration.

4. Validating the Tunnel Settings on Unified Access Gateway

Tunnel Settings

The VMware Tunnel Edge Service is enabled based on the configuration previous defined by you on the INI file.

You can change the configuration anytime, or even not configure that as part of the INI file and later enable through the Admin UI.

Every time you change the configuration and Save, the changes will be applied to the configuration files and the Tunnel Edge Service will restart automatically, communication between devices and the service will be lost during that time.

Click Cancel to return to the Unified Access Gateway Admin Console.


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