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By default, User Environment Manager does not manage any applications or environment settings after you install it. You must specify which applications and settings to manage. Although this approach takes a little more work up front, this solution prevents excessive profile growth and profile corruption, enables user settings to roam across Windows versions, and gives you granular control to manage as much or as little of the user experience as needed.

To help with getting started, the Easy Start button instantly adds many common Windows applications, including several versions of Microsoft Office, to the whitelist of applications managed by User Environment Manager. Many Windows environment settings are also added by Easy Start. You can then easily select an application or Windows setting to review and change the default settings.

Open User Environment Manager Console and Windows Explorer

You should still have the User Environment Manager management console open, as well as an Explorer window open to C:\UEMSite2\general

Select Easy Start

  1. Select Easy Start

Select Office Versions to be Managed

  1. Select the boxes for Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016
  2. Select OK

Easy Start Configuration Items

  1. Once the East Start configuration items have been installed, select OK

General Data Populated

  1. The management console now displays a number of commonly-used application configuration templates, which can be used for personalization
  2. Corresponding folders have been created in the UEMSite2\general folder

Next Steps

Feel free to browse the management console interface and the directory structure that has been created.

Further use case and feature testing is outside the scope of this install and configure lab. If you would like to learn more about User Environment Manager features including personalization, privilege elevation, Horizon Smart Policies and more, please visit Module 1 of VMware Horizon 7 Desktop Virtualization with Just in Time Management.


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