This concludes the Module 2 Deploying and Configuring a Horizon Connection server for Lab or POC use. Please find the following helpful links below for more in-depth further information.

The information provided in this lab was a reference to be used in helping you on your way to building a lab or small POC environment. Once evaluation and proof of concepts are completed serious considerations should be made when architecting out a production environment.  VMware Professional Services Organization (PSO) has the expertise to provide assistance with assessing, architecting, desiging and implementation of the entire Horizon suite to provide an environment that adheres to business drivers and needs. PSO can also provide a complete turnkey project from inception to production and operations leveraging our years of experience in most every business vertical. 

For an In-Depth Walk-Through on setting up an entire on Premise Horizon environment click here. TechZone_QuickStart_Tutorial

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How to End Lab

How to End Lab

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You've finished Module 2

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If you are looking for additional information on Horizon, try one of these:

Lab Captains: 

  • Josh Spencer, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, USA
  • Daniel Plouffe, Senior Solutions Engineer, USA


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