Prepare for Horizon Integration with Identity Manager

Integrating Horizon with Identity Manager enables you to sync desktop and application resources, along with entitlements (assignments) to these resources to Identity Manager.  

An Identity Manager appliance (vidm-01.corp.local) has already been deployed and configured for integration with the Horizon-01.corp.local Connection Server.

In this lesson, you will integrate the Horizon-02 Connection Server with vIDM. VMware Horizon has already been installed on Horizon-02.corp.local. If you are interested in learning how to deploy and configure Horizon 7, please consider taking Module 2 of this lab.

In this section you will use the Horizon Console to verify desktop entitlements, which will be used for Identity Manager integration.

Authenticate to the Horizon Console

Launch Browser

  1. From the Desktop of the Main Console, double-click Google Chrome

Navigate to Horizon Console

  1. Select Horizon from the bookmarks bar
  2. Select Horizon-02-NewAdminConsole

Login to Horizon Console

  1. User name: administrator
  2. Password: VMware1!
  3. Click Sign in

The Horizon Console is the new, HTML5-based management interface for Horizon implementations. Most Horizon administrative tasks can be accomplished using this new console, though there are still a few that require the legacy Flex-based Horizon Administrator.

  1. Select Desktops from the Inventory drop-down

Select the Desktop Pool

  1. Select Manual-Pool from the list of Desktop Pools

Review Entitlements

  1. Select Entitlements
  2. Verify the Domain Users group has been entitled to the Desktop Pool

Leave the Horizon Console Open

Leave the VMware Horizon 7 Console tab open in Chrome, as you will use it in the next lesson.


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