User Environment Manager Components and Architecture

VMware User Environment Manager is being renamed to VMware Dynamic Environment Manager - watch for more news at VMworld 2019!

User Environment Manager provides profile management by capturing and preserving user settings for the operating system and applications.

Unlike traditional application profile management solutions, User Environment Manager does not manage the entire profile. Instead, it captures only settings the administrator specifies.

This approach reduces login and logout time because less data needs to be loaded. The settings can be dynamically applied when a user launches an application, making the login process more asynchronous. User data can be managed through folder redirection.

Introduction to User Environment Manager

With profile and policy management using User Environment Manager capabilities, IT can deliver a persistent experience across any VDI instance or published application.

For example, printer settings, network mappings, desktop backgrounds, and much more can follow the user as they move from virtual instance, to physical, or even cloud-based desktops or apps. Dynamic policies allow IT to trigger policy execution based on context.

User Environment Manager Technical Product Overview - Video (4:32)

To learn more about User Environment Manager, please review the following video. It provides a brief, technical overview of User Environment Manager, and is ideal for viewers looking for an introduction to the product.


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