Launching Horizon Desktops and Applications from Workspace ONE

Workspace ONE provides users with the ability to run Horizon applications and desktops from a user portal. Identity Manager provides single sign-on to these applications and desktops by sending SAML assertions to VMware Horizon.

In this section you will authenticate to Workspace ONE as an end user, then launch Horizon resources.

Log Out of Previous Workspace ONE Sessions

In this exercise you will connect to Workspace ONE using end user credentials. To do this, it is important that any existing Workspace ONE sessions are logged off.

  1. Navigate to the VMware Workspace ONE tab in Chrome.

You should still have Chrome opened with a tab for VMware Workspace ONE.

Logout of VIDM-01

  1. Select the drop-down menu next to the logged on user
  2. Select Logout

Go Back to Login Page

  1. Select Go back to login page

Verify Authentication Domain

  1. Verify the domain selected is corp.local
  2. Select Next

Authenticate to Workspace ONE as an End User

  1. username = user1mod1
  2. password = VMware1!
  3. Select Sign in


Review Workspace ONE Preferences

Once logged on to Workspace ONE, your catalog of applications and desktops is available.

  1. Select the drop-down menu next to the user avatar
  2. Select Settings

User Preferences

  1. Select Preferences

Review Horizon Remote Apps Configuration

Workspace ONE is currently configured to launch apps and desktops using the Horizon Client.

While this option provides the best overall user experience, Horizon also supports HTML access for added flexibility.

Configure Horizon Remote Apps for Browser

  1. Select Browser
  2. Select Save
  3. Note the Successfully saved selected preference message.

Back to Catalog

  1. Select Back

Launch Remote Desktop

  1. Select Open on the Man-Pool1 desktop pool

Identity Manager checks the network and access policy rules, then passes a SAML token to Horizon to start and authenticate to the remote desktop or application.

VMware Horizon HTML Access

  1. The remote desktop is opened in a new Chrome tab
  2. Click to expand the Horizon Client controls

Log Out of Windows

  1. Select Options for the running VM
  2. Select Log Off

Confirm Log Off

  1. Select OK
  2. Select Close

Sign out of Horizon HTML Access

  1. Select Options for Horizon
  2. Select Log out

Confirm Log Off

  1. Select OK

Sign Out of Workspace ONE

  1. Expand the drop-down menu
  2. Select Sign Out

Sign In Page

Leave this page open as you will use it in the next exercise.


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