Validate Settings before Deploying the GPO Package

You will now validate the Power Settings of the Windows 10 device before you build and deploy the GPO package in the following exercises to compare the changes once the device is enrolled and the GPO package is applied.  

  1. Right-click the Windows button.
  2. Click Power Options.

Click the Additional Power Settings link.

3. Confirm Power Plan

  1. Confirm that the current Power Plan is set to Balanced (recommended).
  2. Click Close on the Power Options screen.

In the following exercises, you will build and deploy a GPO package to your Windows 10 device that will change this setting.  Remember the original setting to reference later to confirm that the GPO package was successfully applied.

You will now enroll your Windows 10 device, which will allow you to distribute the GPO package to the device after you have finished building and configuring the package for deployment.

4. Close Power & Sleep Settings

Click Close on the Power & Sleep Settings.


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