Review and Validate the Enrolled Windows 10 Device

You will now review the enrolled Windows 10 device in the Workspace ONE UEM Console and AirLift Console to see how to confirm that the enrollment was successful.  You will also verify that the BitLocker profile you configured was delivered to the device.

1. Return to the Main Console

Click the Close (X) button on the Remote Desktop Connection to return to the Main Console.

2. Connect to the SCCM Server

Launch sccm-01a.rdp from the main desktop.

3. Initiate Full Sync for AirLift

We will want to perform a real-time sync between AirLift and Workspace ONE UEM to see an updated dashboard.

In the AirLift Console in Chrome,

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Account tab.
  3. Click Sync.

3.1. Review AirLift Dashboard

  1. Click on the Dashboard link on the left pane of AirLift.
  2. Notice on the Top Workloads section, you see there is a client with Encryption and Compliance Enabled.

4. Return to the Main Console

Click the Close (X) button to return to the Main Console.

5. Connect to Windows 10 Device

Double-click the Win10-01a.rdp shortcut on the desktop of the Main Console.

6. Review Enrolled Client in Workspace ONE UEM Console

In the Workspace ONE UEM Console,

  1. Click Devices.
  2. Click List View.
  3. If you navigate to the Workspace ONE UEM Console quickly enough, you may see that the device is enrolled to the StagingUser account.  Shortly after enrolling your user credentials for aduser, the device will show it is enrolled for aduser instead.  Click the device link to view the Device Details View.

6.1. Review Device Details

  1. Notice the device is a member of the AirLift Workspace ONE Smart Group, due to enabling Co-Management.
  2. Review the computer name, this matches what we seen earlier in the SCCM and AirLift console.
  3. Notice the device has had the Co-Management tag added to it.   This is the same tag that was added to the Workspace ONE AirLift Smart Group.   This is what enables synchronization between SCCM and Workspace ONE during Co-Management.

7. Verify BitLocker Profile is Pushed via AirLift Co-Management

The BitLocker Encryption dialog will pop up, indicating the device was enrolled into Workspace ONE UEM and that it is properly enabled for Co-Management.

  1. Enter VMware1! for the password.
  2. Enter VMware1! for the password confirmation.
  3. Click the Encrypt button to start BitLocker encryption.

8. Close the VMware Workspace ONE App

The Workspace ONE Application will open automatically after enrollment.  

Click the X to close the application.  We don't use it during this exercise.  

9. Validation Completed

Congratulations!  You have successfully enrolled your Windows 10 device into Workspace ONE UEM using AirLift and validated a successful enrollment after pushing a BitLocker profile to the device!


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