AirWatch Hands-on LabsDTW 2057HOL-2057-04-UEM Module 5 - Migrating Devices from SCCMReview and Enable Co-Management in Workspace ONE AirLift

Review and Enable Co-Management in Workspace ONE AirLift

The first time you launch AirLift, you will be taken to a getting started page with direct links to different phases of Co-Management.  

Click on Plan to start using AirLift.   This will take us to the Collections screen.

1. Review Device Collections in AirLift and compare to SCCM

When AirLift connects to SCCM, it imports Device Collections from SCCM.  Let's take a look at the information which AirLift has imported and compare it to what is in our SCCM server.  

  1. Click the eye symbol to the right of Getting Started so that a \ is through it.   This will prevent Getting Started from coming up each time we refresh the page.
  2. Click on Collections, if you are not already there.
  3. Review the Collections that have already been imported into AirLift from SCCM. Notice all of the Device Collections which are imported have at least one device assigned.

1.1. Open the SCCM Console

Click the SCCM Console icon from the taskbar to return to the SCCM Console.

  1. Click on Assets and Compliance.
  2. Click on Device Collections.
  3. Review and compare the list of collections in SCCM to what is in AirLift.  Notice they DO NOT match. This is because AirLift only imports Device Collections from SCCM which contain Windows 10 devices.

2. Review Management of Collections in AirLift

Back in the AirLift Console in Chrome,

  1. Click the checkbox next to the Win10 collection.
  2. You can Map, Enroll, and Manages devices in collections from these buttons.  DO NOT interface with these yet, you will be using them in upcoming steps to view the functionality.
    Map allows you to determine a Workspace ONE UEM Smart Group for this collection to belong to in order to enable Co-Management.
    Enroll is enabled once Co-Management is enabled for a Collection, and allows you to enroll devices into Workspace ONE UEM.
    Manage is enabled once Co-Management is enabled for a Collection, and allows you to view and manage the Smart Group that your collection is mapped to in Workspace ONE UEM.
  3. Data is refreshed from SCCM and Workspace ONE UEM on a schedule.  You can click this button to initiate an immediate refresh of Collection and Smart Group data.
  4. Click the number (1) in the Devices column for the Win10 collection.  This will open a page with details on the devices in this collection.

2.1. Review your Windows 10 Machine

  1. Review the machine in the Win10 collection.  This is the Win10-01a Virtual Machine that is available to you for this lab.
  2. Click the Collections link to return to the collections page.

3. Map the Win10 Collection

  1. Click the checkbox for the Win10 collection to select it.
  2. Click Map.

When you click the Map button on a Collection, a list of available Workspace ONE UEM Smart Groups will be displayed, which you can choose from to map your device collections to enable  Co-Management.

3.1. Map SCCM Collection to Workspace ONE Group

  1. Enter AirLift for Workspace ONE Group.  
    Notice that the AirLift group does not exist in the dropdown list of available Workspace ONE UEM Smart Groups.  Entering in the name manually will have the AirLift Smart Group automatically created and mapped for Co-Management in the Workspace ONE UEM Console.
    NOTE: If you had an existing Smart Group you wanted to use to map and enable Co-Management for, you could select that from the Workspace ONE Group dropdown instead.
  2. Click Save to have the Win10 Device Collection mapped to the AirLift Smart Group in Workspace ONE UEM.

3.2. Confirming AirLift Smart Group Creation

  1. After clicking save, a message from AirLift will confirm that the Smart Group creation and mapping is In Progress.  This will update to a clickable link once it is completed.
  2. Once completed, the Workspace Mapping will update to the AirLift Smart Group and the Management column will reflect that the devices in this collection are now Co-managed. Click the AirLift hyperlink, this will take you directly to the Smart Group in the Workspace ONE UEM Console.  

NOTE - This process may take a few minutes to complete.  If the page does not refresh automatically, you can click the Refresh button on the browser or the Refresh button in AirLift to check if the task has completed after a few minutes!

3.3. AirLift Smart Group in Workspace ONE UEM Console

Notice that clicking the AirLift hyperlink in AirLift will automatically take you to the AirLift Smart Group mapping in the Workspace ONE UEM Console.

Click the Edit icon next to the AirLift Smart Group.

3.4. View Smart Group

  1. Scroll down to find the Tags section.
  2. Notice that a new custom tag is created with the format Co_Mgmt:site_<SCCM_Site_Code>:<Device_Collection_ID>.  This was generated automatically from AirLift.
  3. Click on the X to close this popup.


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