Un-enrolling your Windows 10 Device

In this section, we are going to un-enroll our Windows 10 VM so that we can use it for other lab modules. We will delete the device record from the console, which will also un-enroll the device and remove all the apps and profiles that are pushed from Workspace ONE UEM console, also known as managed content.

1. Delete Device from Workspace ONE UEM Console

From the Workspace ONE UEM Console,

  1. Click on Devices
  2. Click on List View
  3. Select the check box next to your device friendly name.
  4. Click on More Actions
  5. Click on Delete Device

2. Enter Reason and Delete

  1. Enter the reason as lab completed.
  2. Click on Delete


  1. You may see device friendly name changing to DELETE IN PROGRESS...
  2. Click on the Refresh Icon to validate if the device deletion is successful.

4. Ensure that device record is deleted

  1. Use the Refresh Button if needed.
  2. Ensure that the device record is now deleted from the Workspace ONE UEM console and you see the message No Records Found.


  1. Click on the Windows Icon
  2. Click on the gear icon to access Windows 10 Settings


6. Access Accounts Settings

From the Settings Menu, access Accounts

7. Validate That No Management Account Exists

  1. Click on Access work or school
  2. Validate that you DO NOT see any account connected to AirWatchMDM.

NOTE - The CORP AD domain is the local domain in this lab and is not controlled by AirWatch Enrollment, so you will see this connection if your device is enrolled or unenrolled.


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