Create VMware Identity Manager SQL Database

In this exercise, we are going to create a SQL Database for VMware Identity Manager. During the VMware Identity Manager installation process, we will be referencing this database as the target database.

1. Copy the CreateVidmDb Script

  1. Click the File Explorer icon from the taskbar
  2. Click Documents
  3. Click HOL
  4. Click VMware Identity Manager
  5. Right-Click CreateVidmDb.txt
  6. Click Edit with Notepad++

1.1. Copy the CreateVidmDb Contents

  1. Right-click within the CreateVidmDb.txt text field and click Select All
  2. Right-click within the CreateVidmDb.txt text field and click Copy

2. Run the CreateVidmDb Script

From the Desktop, double-click SQL Server 2014 Management Studio

2.1. Connect to the SQL Database Engine

  1. Enter sql-01a.corp.local for the Server name.
  2. Select Windows Authentication.
  3. Click Connect.

2.2. Create a New Query

  1. Click Databases.
  2. Click New Query.

2.3. Paste the Script Contents

  1. Ensure that the database selected is master.
  2. Right click in the area for New Query.
  3. Click Paste.

2.4. Execute the Create DB Script

Once the script is pasted, click on Execute to run the script.

These commands are accomplishing the following tasks:

  1. Creating the vidmdb database.
  2. Setting the necessary collation and configurations for the vidmdb database.
  3. Creating a user (vidmuser) with a password (VMware1!).
  4. Assigning the vidmuser the appropriate roles for the vidmdb database.

2.5. Refresh the Database List

  1. Right-click the sql-01a.corp.local server.
  2. Click Refresh.

2.6. Validate that the vidmdb Database Was Created

  1. Expand Databases.
  2. Confirm the vidmdb Database exists.


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