Install vIDM Service

In this section, we are going to run the application installer to install vIDM Service. We hace a dedicated VM for vIDM Service. Let's see how we can connect to that VM and perform vIDM Service Installation.

Connect to VIDM-01 RPD

On the Main Console server desktop, click on the vIDM-01.rdp shortcut located

Launch Windows Explorer

Click on the icon to launch Windows Explorer

Run the vIDM Service Installer

  1. Expand Documents
  2. Expand HOL
  3. Expand vIDM On Prem
  4. Expand
  5. Expand Application
  6. Right click on AirWatch_Application_9.3_Full_Install
  7. Click on Run as administrator

Welcome to the Installation Wizard

It might take a couple of minutes to load. Once the installation wizard windows loads, click Next

Accept License Agreement

  1. Check the I accept the terms in the license agreement button
  2. Click Next

Continue Without Exporting/Importing Config

  1. Check the Continue Setup without exporting/importing config file button
  2. Click Next

Un-select AirWatch Device Services

This is a bundled installer of AirWatch and VMware Identity Manager features. For this lab we will only be installing the VMware Identity Manager service

  1. Click on the AirWatch Device Services feature
  2. Select This feature will not be available

Un-select AirWatch Admin Console

  1. Repeat this for this AirWatch Admin Console feature
  2. Select This feature will be installed on the local hard drive for the VMware Identity Manager feature

Select VMware Identity Manager

  1. Click on the drop down for VMware Identity Manager to expand.
  2. Select This feature, and all subfeatures, will be installed on the local hard drive
  3. Click Next

Installation Wizard Prerequisites

Click Next

The installation wizard will automatically install the missing software prerequisites. This will take around 1-2 minutes.

Destination Folder

We will install this on the default destination folder C:\AirWatch\

Click Next

VMware Identity Manager Database Server

  1. Enter sql-01.corp.local as the VMware Identity Manager Database server
  2. Select SQL Server authentication using Login ID and password below
  3. Enter vidmuser as the Login ID
  4. Enter VMware1! as the Password
  5. Click on Browse


  1. Select the vidmdb database
  2. Click OK

Click Next

Click Next

VMware Identity Manager Service Account Information

  1. Uncheck the option to run the VMware Identity Manager server as a domain user account
  2. Click Next

Confirm User Account Question

Click Yes

Verify vIDM Configuration Settings

  1. Enter external hostname
  2. Type internal server hostname
  3. Click Browse

Select AirwLab Wildcard Certificate

  1. Select Desktop
  2. Scroll down to see the SSL Certificate.
  3. Select AirwlabSSL certificate file
  4. Click Open

Enter Certificate Password

  1. Enter certificate password VMware1!
  2. Click Next

Confirm Certificate Hostname Mismatch

Click Ok to confirm the warning message

Admin Account

  1. Ensure that Are you joining an existing cluster? is Unselected
  2. Enter admin password VMware1!
  3. Confirm admin password VMware1!
  4. Click Next


Click Install to continue. It will take around 4 - 5 minutes to complete the installation

Confirm Install Wizard Warning

Click Ok to accept the warning about incomplete configuration. We will complete the configuration manually at later steps.

Install Completed

Click Finish to close the install wizard

Launch Chrome

Click to launch Chrome from the tool bar.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter admin account admin
  3. Enter admin password VMware1!
  4. Click Sign In

Successfully Logged In

VMware Identity Manager admin console installation is completed

Return to the Main Console

This concludes installation of the vIDM service. Click on X to return to the Main Console to continue with the remaining steps of the lab.


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