Setup Kerberos using the Batch File

Let's run the batch file to setup Kerberos Authentication. We will be running the script on the Connector-01 VM

Launch Connector-01 VM

From the Desktop of the Main Console, click on Connector-01.rdp to launch.

Launch Windows Explorer

From the Toolbar, launch Windows Explorer

  1. Navigate to C:\VMware\IDMConnector\usr\local\horizon\scripts in File Explorer
    NOTE - Drag and drop the above path in the Windows Explorer tab and hit Enter
  2. Scroll down until you see the setupKerberos Windows Batch File

Run SetupKerberos Batch File

  1. Right click the setupKerberos Windows Batch File
  2. Click on Run as Administrator

Enter Service Account Credentials

  1. Enter service account Username CORP\connectsrv
  2. Enter service account password VMware1!

Confirm Kerberos Initialization

  1. Script should terminate with the Kerberos Initialization completed message
  2. Press any key to exit the installer.

Close Connector-01 VM

Click X to exit the RDP connection with Connector-01 VM and return to the Main Console


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