Create a Service Account for vIDM Connector

In this section, we are going to create a service account that we will be using with vIDM Connector at a later section.

Open Active Directory Users and Computers

From the Main Console, click the Active Directory Users and Computers icon.

Copy Administrator Account

  1. Expand the corp.local directory and click to open the Users container
  2. Right click the Administrator account
  3. Click on Copy to create a copy of this account

Create VIDM Connector Service Account

We will use this account to run the vIDM Connector service, hence we will give it a corresponding name

  1. Enter vIDM in the First Name field
  2. Enter Connector in the Last Name field
  3. Enter connectsrv in the User logon name field
  4. Click Next

Set VIDM Connector Service Account Password

  1. Enter VMware1! as the account password.
  2. Enter VMware1! to confirm the account password
  3. Check the Password Never Expires field
  4. Click Next

Finish Account Creation

  1. Verify the account details are correct.
  2. Click Finish