Adaptiva Database and Logs

1. Reviewing P2P Database

  1. Click on the RDP connections on the taskbar
  2. Click VESC Server

1.1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio

Click on the SQL Server Management Studio icon on the taskbar

1.2. Connect to Adaptiva SQL

Click Connect

1.3. Select Adaptiva Content Table

  1. Expand Databases>Adaptiva>Tables
  2. Right click dbo.ADAPTIVACONTENTS
  3. Click Select Top 1000 Rows

1.4. Content ID

We discussed Content IDs in the previous steps and you can notice that both of these IDs are on our devices cache for P2P. The database contains the apps metadata and you can explorer the database to see what other information you can find which might be helpful such as device IP/Names, Office locations and subnets, etc.

Note: You may only see the 7-Zip Content ID, which is fine, you can play around with push more apps, or re-enrolling and you will see more content IDs appear here.

1.5. Adaptiva Server Logs

  1. Click on the File Explorer on the taskbar
  2. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Adaptiva\AdaptivaServer\logs"

All of the logs regarding P2P server will be located here. You can explorer the adaptiva.log file for troubleshooting.